• Lueosi

    Weapon section updated!

    February 18, 2015 by Lueosi

    As some of you already noticed there were a lot of recent changes to all the weapons articles including subcategories, game mechanics and classifications. Extirminator and me put some work into updating all the weapon statistics, creating an info box template and unifying all the weapon articles (description, common tactics, ammunition choices). We also updated all other component articles. Additionally there are easy to navigate breadcrumbs at the beginning of all articles in categories.

    Updated or new articles (not including redirects, templates):

    • Category:Components
      • Armor
      • Balloon
      • Engines (new)
      • Hull
      • Category:Weapons
        • Category:Fire-Starting Weapons‎ (new)
          • ...
        • Category:Heavy Weapons‎
          • ...
        • Category:Kill Weapons (new)
          • ...
        • Category:Light Weapons‎
          • ...
        • Category…
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