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Stormbreaker Specs
Ship Statistics
Hull Armor: 320 HP
Ship Health: 400 HP
Balloon Health: 1200 HP
Light Weapon Slots: 3
Heavy Weapon Slots: 1
Max Speed: 30 m/s
Acceleration: 15 m/s²
Max Turn Speed: 16 deg/s
Turn Acceleration: 10 deg/s²
Max Vertical Speed: 16 m/s
Vertical Acceleration: 3 m/s²
Thrust: 2,780,000 N
Lift Force: 600,000 N
Mass: 95 t
Hull Profile: N/A m²
Balloon Profile: N/A m²
Additional Info

Fore light guns are angled 40° away from the center. Side heavy guns are angled 70° away from the center. Aft light guns are angled 115° away from the center.

The Stormbringer is a light ship with massive firepower on the left side. The ship is very nimble, but also relatively fragile.

Ths Stormbringer is Alliance's faction specific ship of the Arashi League.

Ship Layout

Deck Layout

The Stormbringer has a large rear deck at the bottom from which a stair leads to a long deck on the left side. At the front end of it, further stairs lead to the top deck, which continues back to the rear of the ship while slowly going further up. There is a ladder going from the bottom deck to the rear of the top deck as shortcut.


The Stormbringer has 1 heavy gun and 3 light guns on port side of ship. All of which are pointed in different angles to the port.

  • Slot 1 is a heavy gun located on the gun deck at the fore of the ship, angeled 70 degrees away from the center.
  • Slot 2 is a light gun located on the gun deck at the fore of the ship, angeled 40 degrees away from the center.
  • Slot 3 is a light gun located on the upper deck at the middle of the ship, angeled 90 degrees away from the center. It's possible to reach this gun via jump from gun deck.
  • Slot 4 is a light gun located on the bottom deck at the aft of the ship next to left light engine, angeled 115 degrees away from the center. It's possible to reach this gun with jump down from gun deck, back way to gun deck possible with double jump, avoiding more long way by ramp.

The close location of all the guns on the port allows one crew member to easily switch between them if necessary.


  • The balloon component is at the right side of the bottom deck. It's possible to reach balloon quick with jump down from upper deck.
  • The hull is at the frontal end of the upper deck, in a pit. It cannot be accessed from the left side, so an engineer on the gun deck must go upstairs to repair it, the jump around top corner of ramp make this way faster. Another way to reach the hull from gun deck is the stamina jump from beams close to hull to top deck in front of armor repair point, but it depends on engineer's stamina, making it less practical. From the starboard side  the hull can be to reached  by jumping up the plumbing in front of balloon repair point, although that comes with a risk of falling down. Second jump to raise above rails make it more faster and safe, if don't need long process of rebuild. Also, from this point is possible to climb to upper deck via double stamina jump.
  • The main engine is at the rear end of the upper deck, behind the helm.Ladder from port side of bottom deck can be used for climb to the main engine, it's possible to jump onto ladder from the border of the gun deck. Despite the fact that access from the starboard side of bottom deck is possible, by climbing on inclined beams and the subsequent double jump, the possibility of falling down is too high.
  • The two light turning engines are in the rear corners of the bottom deck.
  • The helm is at the aft of the upper deck, next to the main engine.

Crew Roles


  • The helm is directly at the crew spawn, so the pilot can start maneuvering immediately after spawning.
  • The pilot can help repairing the main engine, since it's far from the usual positions of the other crew members. Fail-safe Kit here is the one of the best option, allow compensate prolonged damage to engine from pilot tool and don't leave helm too often.

Fore Engineer

  • The forward engineer moves on the upper deck and repairs the hull and the main engine and fires the frontal or upper light gun, as well as help with maintenance all guns in front on ship.

Aft Engineer

  • The aft engineer is responsible for repairing the balloon and both side engines and fire the rear light gun. Aft engineer can help with repair hull from starboard side and main engine by climb the ladder from port side of bottom deck.

Gunner or GunEngineer

  • The gunner fires the heavy gun and occasionally also the frontal light gun, maintenance guns in front on ship.
  • Gunner's stamina allow to reach more horizontal arc allow earlier use of heavy gun and increase gun turn speed allow fire during fast maneuver.
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