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Special Abilities are a new featue of Alliance, exclusive to PvE matches. Each class has a new slot with 6 unique abilities to choose from. These abilities have to be unlocked by completing the Old Dog achievements for the class. Abilities are activated with the key <5> and give one-off effects or temporary buffs for various situations.

Engineer Abilities Edit

Mechanized RebuildEdit

Engage special machinery to instantanously rebuild all components and repair them for 375 health over 30s.

Salvo NeutralizerEdit

Generate a field in the direction you are looking that will neutralize all incoming fire and prevent harm to the ship for 20s.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Engineer 2
  • Useful when facing a boss with a lot of firepower

Combustion DampenerEdit

Release fire dousing chemicals from rigged valves to extinguish all fires, and apply fire immunity and 15% damage reduction to all components for 30s.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Engineer 3

Advanced DynaBuffEdit

Special machinery automatically applies standard, but more powerful (+29% on hull, thrust, and -29% vertical drag, and +23% dmg), Dynabuff enhancements to all components for 60s.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Engineer 4
  • Beside the boosts to all other components, this also increases damage output significantly, making this one of the best abilities for maximizing damage

Static TurretEdit

Deploy an unmoving weapons platform in the direction you're looking that will target enemies. Drone will last for 90s.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Engineer 5
  • The turret spawned by this ability was received the name Choppy by the community, which was later adopted by Muse

Component DisruptionEdit

Unleash a massive energy burst in the direction you are looking that will disable the components of enemies within 600m.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Engineer 6

Gunner Abilities Edit

Lightning DrawEdit

Activate rigged ship mechanics to quickly reload all guns with 75% increased clip size.

Concussive BlastEdit

Unleash supercharged balloon gases in the direction you are looking to push enemies that are within 600m back with extreme force.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Gunner 2

Mine EjectionEdit

Hoarded mines are hurled out from the ship in the direction you look at, 400m away. Mines will automatically detonate after 2m.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Gunner 3
  • Just like normal mines, this can be just as dangerous to yourself as to the enemy

Gigaton BlastEdit

Deploy devastating fiery burst that will melt the armour of enemies that are in yout line of sight and within 500m of your ship.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Gunner 4

Proximal DetonationEdit

Reload all weapons with specially outfitted rounds that have 3x AoE burst size and will automatically detonate when near an enemy. Shoot into groups for maximal effect.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Gunner 5

Cataclysm RoundsEdit

Engage auxiliary power to all guns and double their damage output for 18s.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Gunner 6
  • Generally considered the best Gunner Ability for maximizing damage

Pilot Abilities Edit

Engine StabilizationEdit

Install temporary stabilizers on engines that repairs them over time for 15s at a rate of 40 HP/s.

Rushing DriftEdit

Ship will gain increased movement abilities to help traverse great distances and side drift around enemies at the cost of less fine control.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Pilot 2
  • Crashing against terrain at this speed will likely result in the instant destruction for the ship

Oversurge RamEdit

Remove engine safety mechanism for an intense boost in forward speed causing your ship to slice through unarmoured enemies like a hot knife through butter while taking less damage yourself.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Pilot 3

Air HornEdit

Draw aggro from enemies, except for highly determined convoys, within 500m radius for 2 min.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Pilot 4
  • Does not affect convois in Blockade gamemode
  • Useful in Defense gamemode, to distract enemies from the base

Enhanced EnvelopeEdit

Balloon will heal over time at a rate of 55 HP/s, resist flechette and fire damage, and have reduced vertical drag and increased vertical speed.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Pilot 5
  • Useful for the Shrike, to counter the slow vertical movement

Tar BombEdit

Unleash a plume of highly caustic gases behind you to damage enemies.
  • Unlocked at Old Dog Pilot 6
  • Helps escaping enemies
  • Useful for very fast ships, such as the Squid
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