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Pyramidion Specs
Ship Statistics
Hull Armor: 650 HP
Ship Health: 700 HP
Balloon Health: 1200 HP
Light Weapon Slots: 4
Heavy Weapon Slots: 0
Max Speed: 32 m/s
Acceleration: 3.5 m/s²
Max Turn Speed: 11.05 deg/s
Turn Acceleration: 8 deg/s²
Max Vertical Speed: 17.03 m/s
Vertical Acceleration: 2.75 m/s²
Thrust: 675,100 N
Lift Force: 825,000 N
Mass: 200 t
Hull Profile: 352 m²
Balloon Profile: 459 m²
The Pyramidion is a modified version of a Yesha warship used in the vanguard of an offensive fleet formation, often backed by a line of smaller striker craft. With its narrow head-on profile and armor-plated balloon, it is a front-line charger of the first order, able to soften a target with concentrated fire from its twin forward guns before ramming for the kill with its reinforced beak. Despite its wide turn radius, it is prized for its overall durability and ability to concentrate fire.

Evadne's Reports

Built for speedy straight-line charges, the Pyramidion has a wide turning radius and is not equipped for tight maneuvers, so a missed lunge may leave it struggling and exposed to fire on its unarmed starboard side as it labors to adjust course. Despite these difficulties, many captains prefer the Pyramidion for its easy of use and ability to concentrate fire, qualities which can more than compensate for its limitations in the hands of a skilled and experienced pilot.

Ship Layout

Deck Layout

Pyra Crew Management

Pyra Crew Management

The Pyramidion has a large lower deck , a secondary top deck at the front, and a small raised platform at the rear of the ship. The top deck can be accessed by a ladder at the front of the ship.

The helm is located at the front of the ship, beyond the ladder to the top deck.


The Pyramidion has 4 light weapon slots.

  • Slots 1 and 2 are located on the upper deck and point forward.
    • Slot 2 is located just in front of the balloon. The engineer responsible for repairing the balloon should man this gun.
  • Slot 3 is located on the main deck and points port side (left).
    • Slot 3 is located close to the hull. The main deck engineer can shoot this in their spare time (assuming they will have any).
  • Slot 4 is located on a small, raised rear deck and points port side.
    • Slot 4 takes longer to access than Slot 3, and is located next to the main engine.

Slots 1 and 2 are meant to hold the Pyramidion's main guns. They have overlapping fields of fire and can almost always be manned constantly, due to being on a separate deck with the only critical component on it being the balloon. Additionally, front gunners only have to compensate for the ship's turning and not when the ship is moving straight forwards or backwards.

Slots 3 and 4 are meant to be backup guns, used by the main deck engineer or by the top deck crew. However, it is possible to turn the Pyramidion such that certain guns in Slot 3 or 4 overlap firing arcs with the front guns.

Pyra Engine

A Pyramidion's main engine as seen from below.


The lower deck is the main deck and contains the hull, both turning engines, and the side guns. The main engine is located on the small rear platform that contains the 4th gun slot, but in fact the main engine can be repaired from below. The engines are accessed from a small u-shaped corridor at the rear of the ship.

The top deck contains the two front guns and the balloon. As mentioned previously, the balloon and the gun in Slot 2 are very close together and can be handled by an engineer.

Crew Roles


Main Deck Engineer

  • The main deck engineer is responsible for repairing everything on the lower deck.
  • All engines and hull can be repaired by simply circling from armor to engines and back to armor while repairing the main engine from below. A circle lasts a bit shorter than 9 seconds therefore fitting perfectly well into a Rubber Mallet cooldown to cover everything at once. This very efficient repair method allows the pilot to almost constantly use engine damaging helm tools to increase maneuverability.
  • Side guns can be manned by the main engineer in case armor is on cooldown or if the ship is not taking much damage.
  • The main engineer should always stay on the bottom deck.

Top Deck (Balloon) Engineer

  • The top deck engineer is responsible for repairing the balloon and firing the top left gun. Usually it is easily possible to repair the balloon during each gun reload or even between shots. Additionally if the third crew members doesn't have a fire-fighting tool, the balloon engineer has to maintain the top right gun as well.
  • In case the ship is in tank mode, depending on the situation, the balloon engineer jumps down to help out with engines or armor repairs.

Gunner/Third Engineer

  • The Gunner is responsible for shooting the top right gun and sometimes help out with balloon repairs if out of arc. Often an engineer with Dynabuff Industries Kit is used to maximized DPS output.
  • If the crew is going full defensive/tank mode this crew member can jump down, from the top deck, to help repairing the hull's armor and engines.
  • If the aft gun on the raised deck in the back of the ship is not an utility gun then this crew member will man it if the pilot decides to use the port side guns.


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