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Phobos Mine Launcher

Phobos Mine Launcher Specs
Gun Statistics
Direct Damage: 125 Piercing
Burst Damage: 100 Impact
Burst Radius: 60 meters
Arming Time: 3 seconds
Arming Range: 165 meters
Effective Vs: Armor, Balloon, Hull
Rate of Fire: 0.50 bullets/s
Reload Time: 4 seconds
Magazine Size: 1
Projectile Speed: 55 m/s
Range: 165 meters
Shell Drop: 13 m/s²
Jitter: 1 deg
Spread at Max Range: 3 meters
Size: Light
Movement and Arcs
Horizontal Angles: 60 deg Left; 60 deg Right
Vertical Angles: 45 deg Up; 15 deg Down
Horizontal Turn: 30 deg/s
Vertical Turn: 25 deg/s
Zoom Level: 1.1x
Additional Info
  • Maximum of 5 deployed mines at a time per gun.
  • If not triggered, mines explode after 20 minutes.
  • Mine deployed by a ship will disappear after the ship's death.
  • Mines can hurt friendly ships when deployed.
  • The mine's balloon has 200 health points when deployed, and can be destroyed.
  • 25% to ignite 5 stacks of fire upon AOE hit.
  • Explosion cause knockback with 80,000 Newton seconds of force.
Lays impact-detonated floating mines at short range. Mines will arm and deploy after 3 seconds. Each gun supports 5 mines at a time; extras will self-destruct.

Wilson's Notes

Lays impact-detonated floating mines at short range. Mines will arm and deploy after 3 seconds. Each gun supports up to 5 mines at a time; extras will self-destruct. An airship getting to a radius of 20 meters from the mine will trigger it, resulting in the mine detonation - applying impact damage to the airship as well as the primary piercing damage to each component hit, a chance to ignite 5 fire stacks, and a force that throws the ship in the opposite direction of the explosion. If enemy ships are hit directly with a mine before it's deployment, only the primary piercing damage is done.

Different ammunition types improve the effectiveness of this gun a lot. A Gunner therefore is recommended for shooting it.

Common Tactics Edit

Deployed Mine

A deployed mine.

The Phobos Mine Launcher is a gun that lays down proximity mines, which upon detonation applies Impact damage, fire ignition chance, and force on the hit ship. It is usually used to stop enemy charges, and to put down barricading walls consisting of mines. In addition to having a defensive utility, the mine launcher can also be used aggressively as a main weapon.

The most common use of the Phobos Mine Launcher is to be used as a support weapon, positioned on less used gun slots on the ship. It can be used in those cases to create barricades made by mines. In addition, the mine launcher can be positioned on the front gun slots of ships like the Mobula, or the Spire - to block the charges of enemies looking for a ram by placing mines in front of them. A similar use for mines can be to stop pursuing enemies, this can be done by placing a mine launcher on the back slot of an airship (like the Squid) and launch mines on pursuing enemies while flying away. The final common use for the mine launcher is its aggressive usage - paired up with disabling, or killing weapons, the mine launcher can be used in a decently effective manner as a main weapon as well.

The weakness of the mine launcher is its ineffectiveness inside arming time, lacking the force and impact damage applied on the ship being hit. Combined with the weapon's hard to use nature, mines are easy to miss - you need to predict the enemy's movement, and the arcing trajectory of the mine in order to achieve a solid hit.

In addition to the Phobos Mine Launcher's primary intended use, players usually tend to ignore its armor breaking, piercing capabilities. With 125 Piercing damage applied on direct hit, if the user realizes he cannot land a deployed mine hit - it is recommended to go for a direct hit for extremely high piercing damage.

AI crewman never man this gun. This can be used to block one gun slots on ship to redirect AI to another.

Commonly Used Ammunition Edit

With an arming time of 3 seconds, arming range with default ammunition is 165 meters. A gunner is recommended for carrying multiple ammunition types - to achieve various range possibilities.

Lesmok Rounds Edit

  • Increased range to 280.5 meters.
  • Increased lift - used for a wider arcing trajectory, ending in easier shots.
  • Easier to land direct hits with the mine, for piercing damage purposes.

Charged Rounds Edit

  • Increased range to 198 meters.
  • Maximized damage output (without destroying gun).

Burst Rounds Edit

  • Increases the blast radius of the explosion, damaging more components.
  • Increases AoE damage by 10%.

Incendiary Rounds Edit

  • Reduced range to 115.5 meters.
  • Has a chance of applying more fire stacks.

Heatsink Clip Edit

  • Reduced range to 132 meters.
  • Extinguishes all fire stacks upon loading, gun is immune to fire while clip is loaded.
  • Grants higher rotation speed of the gun, allowing faster aiming.

Lochnagar Shot Edit

  • Reduced range to 66 meters.
  • Maximum damage output. Even on direct hit (unarmed shot), does 421.875 damage to armor.
  • Reduces the blast radius.
  • Destroys the mine launcher itself.

External links Edit

Munker Madness - regular community event dedicated to the use of mines.

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