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Equipment ‣ Gunnery Equipment ‣ Lochnagar Shot

Lochnagar Shot
Clip Size: -60%
AoE: -50%
Arming Time: -60%
Rotation Speed: -80%
Recoil Jitter: -60%
Damage: +125%
Self Damage: 100% for full clip
Additional Info

The damage per shot to the gun depends on maximum gun health and maximum clip size: {dmg = \frac{max~health}{clip~size}}

If the gun has 200 maximum health (Light Gun) and 5 shots with Lochnagar loaded, one shot does 200/5 = 40 damage to the gun.

Gunners were always known to have a few screws loose. This experimental ammo may just prove it.


Overview Edit

Effects Edit

Lochnagar Shot offers the player's weapons dramatically increased damage at the cost of reducing the clip size, severely reducing gun rotation speed and causing self-damage to the gun relative to maximum health and maximum clip size when fired. Additionally, spread is reduced and the AoE radius is halved.

Because of the reduced rotation speed when using Lochnagar Shot, as well as the reduced rotation speed caused by the damage to weapon, aiming is quite difficult and reliant on the actual turning of the ship. Coordination between the gunner and the captain is important in order to hit reliably with this ammo. Using gunner stamina helps a lot to turn the gun (only 50% rotation speed reduction when using it).

Lochnagar Shot is useful for weapons with arming time to reduce arming range while increasing damage and also for weapons with high clip size to increase the DPS drastically.

Damage Examples Edit

The damage which Lochnagar Shot deals to the gun it is loaded in is based upon the clip size and type (light or heavy) of the gun, and designed so that one full clip of Lochnagar will destroy the gun using it:

{Self ~ Damage = \frac{Maximum~Gun~Health}{Full~Clip~Size}}

For example, a Dragon Tongue Light Flamethrower will have a clip size of 350*0.4 = 100 with Lochnagar loaded. All Light Weapons have 200 HP, so each shot of a Lochnagar Flamethrower will deal 200/100 = 2 damage, destroying the gun after the clip is emptied if not getting repaired.

On guns with smaller clip sizes the damage is far higher per shot. A Mercury Field Gun has only a single shot with lochnagar ammo loaded, meaning the single shot will cause 200 HP worth of damage, destroying the gun immediately.

Common Usage Edit

High damage per shot and high clip size weapons benefit extremely well from the effects of the Lochnagar Shot, with additional use for arming range effects:

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