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King of the Flayed Hills Specs
Arashi League vs. Yesha Empire
Map Statistics
Type: Crazy King
Point Limit: 650 points
Active Point Duration: 170 seconds
Points per Kill: 13 points/kill
Time to Capture*: 15 seconds
Size: 5000m×5000m
Wind Strength: no wind
Modes: 2v23v34v4
Related Map: Red Sepulcher
*Time to fully capture/uncapture point with a single ship. Each additional (allied) ship increases capture rate by 50%.
Flayed map
Lying just outside the territory controlled by the Yesha Empire, the contested Flayed Hills badlands hide considerable wealth beneath their barren surface. Collapsed mines conceal seams of iron and even buried oil caches, forgotten stockpiles of an ancient military. Even more valuable are the abandoned wells tapping deep underground aquifer. Clean drinking water is scarce in the Rusted Range mountains, and the Empire needs to look beyond its borders to supply its growing cities. Cutting out the Yesha merchant middlemen, the towns of the Arashi League are mounting expeditions to collect water and other resources straight from the source and carry them home to the parched and dusty Arashi Desert.

Lusse's Travels

Mission Edit

Type: Crazy King Edit

Two teams fight for control of the hill, which moves to different points around the map after a set time. Points move in alphabetical order.

Objectives: Edit

  • Capture and hold objectives
  • Meet the point target of 650 (450 for 2 vs 2)
  • Point capture time of 15 seconds
  • Point A is always first
  • All new start spawns surround Point A
  • Point radius is 200 meters

Mode Edit

2 vs 2, 3 vs 3

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