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Kalakuta Gas Mortar Mk. II

Kalakuta Gas Mortar Mk. II Specs
Gun Statistics
Direct Damage: 16 Shatter
Burst Damage: 22 Piercing
Burst Radius: 60 meters
Effective Vs: Guns, Engines, Armor
Rate of Fire: 2 bullets/s
Reload Time: 7.7 seconds
Magazine Size: 5
Projectile Speed: 600 m/s
Range: 798 meters
Shell Drop: 12 m/s²
Jitter: 4 deg
Spread at Max Range: 56 meters
Size: Light
Movement and Arcs
Horizontal Angles: 30 deg Left; 30 deg Right
Vertical Angles: 25 deg Up; 25 deg Down
Additional Info
  • 5% chance to apply 1 fire stack
  • Cloud of gas deals damage (only AoE damage) to enemy each second and slow any ship inside
  • Cloud last 3 seconds.
  • Secondary-fire detonates the canister.
Higher rate of fire with experimental gas shells that deals high damage but dissipates quickly.

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