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A view of the port side of the Junker.
Hull Armor: 700
Ship Health: 500
Balloon Health: 1200
Acceleration: 4.30 m/s²
Radial Acceleration: 15.24 deg/s²
Vertical Acceleration: 3.00 m/s²
Max Speed: 26.01 m/s (50.60 Knots)
Max Turn Speed: 16.18 deg/s
Max Vertical Speed: 17.06 m/s
Mass: 300,000 kg
Hull Profile: 350 m²
Balloon Profile: 988 m²

Guns Edit

The Junker is outfitted with five small weapon hard points. Three mounted topside on the deck at port, starboard and bow. Two more are mounted below deck at port and starboard.

Details Edit


A utilitarian airship featuring a modest lower deck and five small weapon mountings: two on the top sides, two on the lower deck sides, and one on the front. Junkers allow for versatile and diverse weapon arrangements and have a large amount of reparable armor and a high rate of acceleration and turning, but the ship has a slow top speed and is lacking in hull health.

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Guns of Icarus Online - Junker Introduction


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