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Airships ‣ Junker

Junker Specs
Ship Statistics
Hull Armor: 700 HP
Ship Health: 500 HP
Balloon Health: 1200 HP
Light Weapon Slots: 5
Heavy Weapon Slots: 0
Max Speed: 26.01 m/s
Acceleration: 4.30 m/s²
Max Turn Speed: 16.18 deg/s
Turn Acceleration: 15.24 deg/s²
Max Vertical Speed: 17.06 m/s
Vertical Acceleration: 3.00 m/s²
Thrust: 537,500 N
Lift Force: 375,000 N
Mass: 125 t
Hull Profile: 350 m²
Balloon Profile: 988 m²
From an Arashi blueprint for building an airworthy ship with a minimum of materials, this spare, skeletal ship has found favor with mercenaries and freelancers who make their living from salvage, trade, and other odd jobs. Though its improvised scrap-metal construction is not the sturdiest, the Junker is very well armed and relies on its weapon-studded lower gun deck to help ward off trouble.

Evadne's Reports

The Junker is a light and slow ship with average vertical acceleration and fast turning speed and acceleration, which allows it to bring its side-mounted guns into arc quickly. Its high armor and small hull profile make it quite a durable ship, but it has a large balloon which can easily be popped by enemy Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade, Barking Dog Light Carronade, or Lumberjack Heavy Mortar fire.

Ship LayoutEdit

Deck LayoutEdit

The Junker has a large middle deck which extends from the front of the ship to the rear, a lower gun deck, and an upper catwalk at the rear, accessed via two ladders situated at either side of the helm. The gun deck is accessed by a ramp which leads under the hull from the front.


The Junker has 5 light weapons.

  • Weapon 1 is at the front of the ship, and points forward.
  • Weapons 2 and 3 are on the lower gun deck, and point directly out to either side
  • Weapons 4 and 5 are on the main deck, up and just behind the lower deck guns. They also point directly out to either side.

The Junker is usually seen with each side dedicated to a certain range or tactic. For example, The port side may be long range, while the starboard side is short range. The fore gun may be a utility weapon or a support weapon that can be used alongside the side weapons.


The hull component is on the main deck, in the middle of the ship with a rail ahead of it. It can, however, be repaired from below.

The rear, upper catwalk contains the balloon and light engines. The balloon can be hit from below, where the helm is located.

The main engine is located in the rear of the lower gun deck.

Crew RolesEdit

Forward (Hull) EngineerEdit

Junker Hull

Repairing a Junker's armor from below.

The Forward Engineer is responsible for firing the forward gun (if it arcs with the side guns), repairing the hull, and keeping flame off of the gun deck if there isn't a Pit Engineer. If the Aft Engineer has a Dynabuff Industries Kit, it may be necessary for the Forward Engineer to move to the balloon when tanking, while the Aft Engineer and Gunner repair the hull.

Aft (Balloon) EngineerEdit

The Aft Engineer is responsible for maintaining the turning engines and Balloon, and also for manning the upper deck guns. This Engineer often carries a DynaBuff Kit to maximize the ship's turning and vertical speed, and to increase the damage of his weapons, which are often explosive, finishing weapons. He should also pre-buff the ship's Armor and activate it when needed.

Gunner/"Pit" EngineerEdit

If there's a Gunner on a Junker, this is where he will be. The Gunner's duties on a Junker include maintaining the main engine, firing and maintaining the lower deck guns, and helping to rebuild the hull if needed, however, it is usually preferable for them to keep firing on the enemy.

Guns of Icarus Online - Junker Introduction02:04

Guns of Icarus Online - Junker Introduction

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