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Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade

Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade Specs
Gun Statistics
Class: Carronade
Direct Damage: 350 Flechette (18 per projectile)
Burst Damage: 200 Shatter (10 per projectile)
Burst Radius: 0 meters
Effective Vs: Balloon, Guns, Engines
Rate of Fire: 0.83 bullets/s
Reload Time: 7.5 seconds
Magazine Size: 2
Projectile Speed: 800 m/s
Range: 400 meters
Buckshots: 20 projectiles
Jitter: 6 deg
Spread at Max Range: 42 meters
Size: heavy
Movement and Arcs
Horizontal Angles: 35 deg Left; 35 deg Right
Vertical Angles: 30 deg Up; 10 deg Down
Horizontal Turn: 60 deg/s
Vertical Turn: 50 deg/s
Zoom Level: no zoom
A larger, slower, more powerful Carronade that fires a piercing short-range shotgun burst. Effective against balloons and components.

Wilson's Notes

A larger, slower, more powerful Carronade that fires a short-range shotgun burst. Effective against balloons.

A large double-barreled Carronade type weapon, this gun fires a devastating scatter burst of red-hot scrap metal shards over a short distance. The shards aren't especially effective against hull armor due to its Flechette nature (though the sheer number of shards fired by this weapon means it still does significant damage), however, it will do great damage to an enemy balloon. Its AoE shatter will do a good amount of damage to guns and engines, as well, making this an extremely effective disabler during close range encounters.

Common Tactics Edit

The Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade is extremely powerful in that it can destroy enemy balloons with one clip. At very close range it can also destroy any component like a heavy gun with one shot.

The most common usage of this gun is on the front of the Goldfish or the broadsides of a Galleon (usually paired with a Manticore Heavy Hwacha). Its very fast balloon destruction can be used aggressively to control the enemy's vertical mobility, but also defensively to destroy other guns or escape out of combat after popping the enemies' balloon.

The extremely high damage output of this gun, makes it the first class Armor destruction among the Heavy Guns. Commonly paired with Hull damaging guns with wide gun-arcs like the Dragon Tongue Light Flamethrower or Banshee Light Rocket Carousel (small bifecta on Goldfish) or the Hwacha (Galleon).

The downside of this gun is its restricted down arc, making it hard to follow enemies after their balloon was popped. The large reload time of this weapon is also a problem, allowing enemy ships to potentially out-repair its damage output and escape. In addition, as all heavy guns it has a large hitbox, therefore making it easy to hit and disable.

Commonly Used Ammunition Edit

Heavy Clip Edit

  • Reduces projectile spread, making all buckshots hit at a more concentrated point. This allows the Hellhound to quickly destroy balloons at a longer range.
  • Decreases rate of fire to 0.66 bullets/s.

Charged Rounds Edit

  • Maximizes DPS and DPC.
  • No clip size penalty.
  • Increases damage per shot by 30%.

Heatsink Clip Edit

  • Used to combat Flamethrowers in close range and for its high DPC.
  • Clip size increased to 3.
  • Range reduced to 340 meters.
  • Extinguishes 3 fire stacks upon loading, gun is immune to fire while clip is loaded.
  • Highest DPC when buffed.

Incendiary Rounds Edit

  • Gives every buckshot a fire ignition chance, which helps to damage balloon and armor.
  • No clip size penalty.
  • Range reduced to 318.75 meters.
  • Average of 16 fire stacks per clip.

Bugs Edit

This section contains bugs related to Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade. Before adding a bug to this list, confirm it with other editors on the talk page.

  • Sometimes even though the shooting animation triggers, the gun doesn't shoot and the original amount of bullets before the "fake shot" is still in the gun.

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