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General InformationEdit

There are currently 128 Gunner Achievements: 15 for Career, Shootin', Support, Victory, Teamwork and Objectives, 14 for Experience, 13 for Maps and 11 for Mastery. Each achievement unlocked grants experience that counts as a step closer to the next Gunner Rank.


Image Name Requirement
Gcareer1 Reporting for Duty -Play 2 matches.
-Destroy 20 parts.
-Spot 3 ships.
Gcareer2 Dog Watch -Play 10 matches.
-Spot 20 ships.
-Repair 20 guns.
Gcareer3 Pop 'Em And Drop 'Em -Play 10 matches.
-Destroy 10 balloons.
-Destroy 12 ships.
Gcareer4 On The Trigger's Edge -Play 10 matches.
-Set 120 fires.
-Spot 20 ships.
Gcareer5 Weapons Free -Play 12 matches.
-Destroy 40 hull armor.
-Destroy 18 balloons.
Gcareer6 The Art Of War -Play 12 matches.
-Fully Repair 50 guns.
-Destroy 50 guns.
Gcareer7 Blaze Of Glory -Play 15 matches.
-Set 100 fires.
-Destroy 40 engines.
Gcareer8 Search and Destroy -Play 20 matches.
-Spot 50 ships.
-Destroy 50 ships.
Gcareer9 Dead Heat -Play 25 matches.
-Set 180 parts on fire.
-Destroy 75 hull armor.
Gcareer10 Might, Might Not -Play 30 matches.
-Fully repair 60 guns.
-Destroy 45 ships.
Gcareer11 Pop Top -Play 55 matches.
-Destroy 70 balloons.
-Spot 100 ships.
Gcareer12 Arson in the Arsenal -Play 60 matches.
-Destroy 150 guns.
-Set 600 parts on fire.
Gcareer13 Dance of Destruction -Play 70 matches.
-Destroy 150 engines.
-Destroy 75 balloons.
Gcareer14 Sharp Shooter -Play 100 matches.
-Destroy 50 ships.
-Spot 120 ships.
Gcareer15 The Artistry of War -Play 125 matches.
-Destroy 250 hull armor.
-Destroy 120 ships.


Image Name Requirement
Gshootin1 Scattershot -Destroy 5 parts with Carronade.
-Destroy 20 parts with Burst Rounds.
Gshootin2 Overloaded -Destroy 5 hull armor with Gatling.
-Destroy 30 parts with Heavy Clip.
Gshootin3 Balls Of Fire -Destroy 2 ships with Mortar.
-Destroy 35 parts with Incendiary Rounds.
Gshootin4 Red Glare -Destroy 20 guns with Rockets.
-Destroy 30 parts with Greased Rounds.
Gshootin5 Blood and Gunsmoke -Destroy 10 balloons with Carronade.
-Destroy 30 parts with Lesmok Rounds.
Gshootin6 Burn All The Things -Set 500 fires with Flamethrower.
-Set 120 fires with Incendiary Rounds.
Gshootin7 A Jolt From the Blue -Destroy 25 parts with Field Gun.
-Destroy 75 parts with Charged Rounds.
Gshootin8 Stunning Effect -Destroy 50 engines with Rockets.
-Destroy 150 parts with Greased Rounds.
Gshootin9 Cool and Collected -Destroy 20 ships with Mortar.
-Destroy 100 parts with Heatsink Rounds.
Gshootin10 Spearhead -Harpoon 15 ships.
-Destroy 100 parts with Heavy Clip.
Gshootin11 Razzle Dazzle -Destroy 35 hull armor with Rockets.
-Destroy 70 parts with Burst Rounds.
Gshootin12 Flaming Fury -Destroy 20 parts with Flamethrower.
-Destroy 50 parts with Lochnagar Shot.
Gshootin13 Even Odds -Destroy 50 parts with Field Gun.
-Destroy 75 hull armor with Lesmok Rounds.
Gshootin14 Shock and Awe -Destroy 125 parts with Rockets.
-Destroy 25 ships with Charged Rounds.
Gshootin15 Promethean Legacy -Set 125 parts on fire with Flares.
-Destroy 125 ships with Incendiary Rounds.


Image Name Requirement
Gsupport1 Hit It With A Hammer -Fully repair 60 parts.
Gsupport2 Sinking Feeling -Fully repair 30 balloons.
Gsupport3 Spun Up -Rebuild 20 engines.
-Help a crewmate rebuild 20 engines.
Gsupport4 Bang Bang -Fully repair 150 parts.
Gsupport5 Workshopping -Rebuild 100 parts.
Gsupport6 Oil Stains -Fully repair 175 non-gun parts.
Gsupport7 Bang-Up Job -Rebuild 50 non-gun parts.
-Help a crewmate rebuild 50 non-gun parts.
Gsupport8 Voided Warranty -Rebuild 50 guns.
-Help a crewmate rebuild 50 guns.
Gsupport9 Idle Hands -Fully repair 100 non-gun parts.
Gsupport10 Grease and Gears -Rebuild 20 engines.
-Help a crewmate rebuild 20 engines.
Gsupport11 Great Guns -Fully repair 200 guns.
Gsupport12 Survive or Die Trying -Help a crewmate rebuild 30 hull armor.
Gsupport13 The Shipboard Life -Fully repair 125 non-gun parts.
Gsupport14 Bubbles Burst -Rebuild 40 balloons.
-Help a crewmate rebuild 40 balloons.
Gsupport15 Unit Operations -Fully repair 500 parts.


Image Name Requirement
Gvictory1 Keeping The Heat On -Win 3 matches.
-Destroy 50 parts.
Gvictory2 Kill Count -Win 5 matches.
-Play 3 matches with 4 or more kills.
Gvictory3 Fish In A Barrel -Win 8 matches.
-Destroy 25 Goldfishes' hull armor.
Gvictory4 Kill Streak -Win 10 matches.
-Play 6 matches with 3 more kills than deaths.
Gvictory5 Incursion -Win 12 matches.
-Destroy 25 Pyramidions' hull armor.
Gvictory6 Path Of Destruction -Win 12 matches against enemy captains all level 8+.
-Play 12 matches with at least 4 kills.
Gvictory7 Tin Can -Win 15 matches against enemy captains all level 8+.
-Destroy 20 Junkers' hull armor.
Gvictory8 Ruination -Win 20 matches against enemy captains all level 8+.
-Play 20 matches with at least 5 kills.
Gvictory9 Siege Tactics -Win 20 matches against enemy captains all level 8+.
-Destroy 35 Galleons' hull armor.
Gvictory10 Flawless Execution -Win 20 matches against enemy captains all level 8+.
-Win 3 DMs with a perfect score against enemy captains all level 8+.
Gvictory11 Squish -Win 30 matches against at least one enemy captain level 16+.
-Destroy 20 Squids' hull armor.
Gvictory12 Most Deadly -Win 30 matches against at least one enemy captain level 16+.
-Win 3 matches with at least 5 kills against enemy captains all level 8+.
Gvictory13 Inspiring -Win 30 matches against at least one enemy captain level 16+.
-Destroy 30 Spires' hull armor.
Gvictory14 Some Kind of Reckoning -Win 40 matches against at least one enemy captain level 16+.
-Win 5 matches with 5 more kills than deaths against enemy captains all level 8+.
Gvictory15 Woe to the Vanquished -Win 50 matches against at least one enemy captain level 16+.
-Destroy 50 Mobulas' hull armor.


Image Name Requirement
Gteamwork1 Helping Hand -Help a crewmate rebuild 15 parts.
Gteamwork2 Cleansing Fire -Set 50 parts on fire with Flamethrower.
Gteamwork3 Keep It Up -Help a crewmate rebuild 16 balloons.
Gteamwork4 Out Of The Blue -Destroy 175 parts while unspotted.
Gteamwork5 Muscle -Help a crewmate rebuild 65 parts.
Gteamwork6 Flak Attack -Destroy 30 ships with Flak.
Gteamwork7 Dogs With Bones -Capture 25 points.
Gteamwork8 Long Arm of the Lawless -Destroy 25 hull armor at a distance of at least 800m.
-Destroy 15 balloons at a distance of at least 800m.
Gteamwork9 Belowdecks -Fully repair 50 engines.
Gteamwork10 Clean-Up Crew -Help a crewmate rebuild 30 non-gun parts.
Gteamwork11 Spitting Distance -Destroy 70 parts at a distance of less than 75m.
Gteamwork12 First Contact -Spot 20 ships while unspotted.
-Destroy 50 spotted ships.
Gteamwork13 All Hands On Deck -Help a crewmate rebuild 75 parts.
Gteamwork14 The Right Tool -Destroy 250 parts with special ammo.
Gteamwork15 Teamwork Is OP -Win 20 matches with at least 5 kills against at least one enemy captain level 16+.


Image Name Requirement
Gobjectives1 Onslaughter -Win 4 DMs.
-Destroy 20 hull armor in DM.
Gobjectives2 Dead Stop -Win 4 CPs.
-Destroy 10 engines in CP.
Gobjectives3 Suppression Fire -Win 8 DMs.
-Set 80 fires in DM.
Gobjectives4 Inflammable -Win 8 CPs.
-Set 60 fires to balloon in CP.
Gobjectives5 Notches -Win 12 DMs.
-Destroy 30 ships in DM.
Gobjectives6 Death Dealer -Win 12 CPs.
-Play 8 CPs with at least 4 kills.
Gobjectives7 Takedown -Win 15 DMs.
-Destroy 40 balloons in DM.
Gobjectives8 Battle of Wits -Win 15 CPs.
-Destroy 100 guns in CP.
Gobjectives9 Suckerpunch -Win 20 DMs.
-Destroy 75 parts while unspotted in DM.
Gobjectives10 Knife in the Back -Win 20 CPs.
-Destroy 60 parts while unspotted in CP.
Gobjectives11 Ideological Differences -Win 20 DMs.
-Destroy 35 ships in DM.
Gobjectives12 Territorial Disputes -Win 20 CPs.
-Destroy 30 ships in CP.
Gobjectives13 Speak Loudly -Win 30 DMs.
-Destroy 75 guns in DM.
Gobjectives14 The Cannons Roar -Win 30 CPs.
-Destroy 75 guns in CP.
Gobjectives15 Long the Glories -Destroy 125 hull armor in DM.
-Destroy 125 ships in CP.


Image Name Requirement
Gexperience Shot In The Dark -Destroy 60 parts on an unspotted ship.
Gexperience Guns Blazing -Destroy 40 parts with Heatsink Clip.
Gexperience Hook, Line, And Sink 'Er -Harpoon 12 ships.
Gexperience Rain Of Fire -Set 180 parts on fire with Incendiary Ammo.
Gexperience Piercing The Veil -Destroy 15 hull armor on a ship inside a cloud.
Gexperience Hot Stuff -Destroy 50 parts with Incendiary Rounds.
Gexperience Captive Audience -Destroy 10 parts on harpooned ships.
Gexperience Hotshot -Destroy 8 ships with Incendiary Rounds.
Gexperience Firing Blind -Destroy 20 parts on an unspotted ship inside a cloud.
Gexperience Flame Out -Destroy 3 ships with Flamethrower.
Gexperience Steady Hand -Destroy 60 guns with Heavy Clip.
Gexperience Air Trigger -Destroy 75 hull armor with mines.
Gexperience Knock Down Drag Out -Destroy 20 ships at a distance of less than 100m.
Gexperience Untouchable -Win 10 matches with no deaths and 100% hull health against at least one enemy captain level 16+.


Image Name Requirement
Gmaps Grit In Your Eye -Win 5 matches in Dunes(any size).
-Destroy 35 guns in Dunes(any size).
Gmaps Lost In The Fog -Win 6 matches in Water Hazard(any size).
-Destroy 25 parts while unspotted in Water Hazard(any size).
Gmaps Dead Center -Win 7 matches in Labyrinth
-Destroy 15 ships in Labyrinth
Gmaps Icebound -Win 7 matches in Fjords(any size).
-Destroy 8 ships with Lochnagar Shot in Fjords(any size).
Gmaps Hazardous Waste -Win 8 matches in Refinery.
-Spot 12 ships at a distance of at least 750m in Refinery.
Gmaps Blindsided -Win 8 matches in Duel.
-Spot 25 ships in Duel.
Gmaps Night Watch -Win 7 matches in Anglean.
-Play 3 matches with at least 5 kills in Anglean.
Gmaps It's a Trap -Win 8 matches in Canyon(any size).
-Destroy 15 ships with Charged Rounds in Canyon(any size).
Gmaps Scrap Heap -Win 10 matches on Scrap.
-Play 3 matches with 4 more kills than deaths in Scrap.
Gmaps Ice Warriors -Win 10 matches in Firnfeld(any size).
-Destroy 3 ships at a distance of less than 75m in Firnfeld(any size).
Gmaps Hillbully -Win 10 matches in Flayed.
-Destroy 25 ships in Flayed.
Gmaps Metropolitan -Win 10 matches in Paritan.
-Destroy 50 engines in Paritan.
Gmaps Vicious Cycle -Win 20 matches in Dunes(any size).
-Destroy 50 balloons in Dunes(any size).


Image Name Requirement
Gmastery Locked On Target -Spot 30 ships at a distance of at least 750m.
-Destroy 12 spotted ships.
Gmastery Gun Maintenance -Fully repair 250 guns.
Gmastery Found You -Spot 10 ships at distance of at least 1000m.
-Destroy 5 ships inside a cloud.
Gmastery Gunsmithy -Rebuild 130 guns.
Gmastery Long Shot -Spot 10 ships at a distance of greater than 1500m.
-Destroy 5 ships at a distance of greater than 800m.
Gmastery Retooling -Fully repair 200 guns with Spanner.
Gmastery Deadeye -Spot 20 ships at a distance of greater than 2000m.
-Destroy 40 parts at a distance of greater than 1000m.
Gmastery Percussive Maintenance -Fully repair 150 guns less than 5 seconds after receiving damage.
Gmastery Eagle Eyed -Spot 25 ships at a distance of greater than 1000m.
Gmastery Range Shooting -Destroy 125 parts from a distance of greater than 1300m.
Gmastery Terror of the Skies -Destroy 1500 parts.

Old Dog Gunner Edit

This is a new branch of achievements added in Alliance. Ranks 1 to 6 reward the player with one special ability each, to be used in PvE matches. The rewards for rank 7 and 8 are new victory poses.

Image Name Requirement Reward
OldDogGunner1 Old Dog Gunner 1 Win 2 Alliance matches as a Gunner. Lightning Draw Ability
OldDogGunner2 Old Dog Gunner 2 Win 3 Alliance matches as a Gunner. Concussive Blast Ability
OldDogGunner3 Old Dog Gunner 3 Win 4 Alliance matches as a Gunner. Mine Ejection Ability
OldDogGunner4 Old Dog Gunner 4 Win 7 Alliance matches as a Gunner. Gigaton Blast Ability
OldDogGunner5 Old Dog Gunner 5 Win 8 Alliance matches as a Gunner. Proximal Detonation Ability
OldDogGunner6 Old Dog Gunner 6 Win 10 Alliance matches as a Gunner. Cataclysm Rounds Ability
OldDogGunner7 Old Dog Gunner 7 Win 13 Alliance matches as a Gunner. Back Pose
OldDogGunner8 Old Dog Gunner 8 Win 18 Alliance matches as a Gunner. Cowboy Pose
OldDogGunner9 Old Dog Gunner 9 Win 20 Alliance matches as a Gunner. Jerk Pose
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