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A view of the port side of the Galleon.
Hull Armor: 800
Ship Health: 1400
Balloon Health: 1200
Acceleration: 2.10 m/s²
Radial Acceleration: 5.06 deg/s²
Vertical Acceleration: 2.25 m/s²
Max Speed: 30.02 m/s
Max Turn Speed: 8.02 deg/s
Max Vertical Speed: 17.01 m/s
Thrust: 672,001 N
Lift Force: 720,000 N
Mass: 320,000 kg
Hull Profile: 900 m²
Balloon Profile: 1568 m²

Guns Edit

The Galleon has six gun load out points.  There are four medium gun points on the lower deck,  two on the port side and two on the starboard side.  There are two small gun points, one on the mid port side deck and one on the stern's upper deck.

  • The Galleon is so far the only ship with two medium sized cannons pointing in the same direction. At least one Medium Flak on each side to lay supressive fire while approaching is optimal, but two Medium Carronades can be incredibly strong for a more aggressive playstyle.
  • If going against a fast ship like the Squid or Goldfish with a slow ship like the Galleon, it can be useful to put a harpoon on a spare small weapon slot to avoid getting circled. The Galleon's small weapon slot on left side on the main deck can be used for this, without losing out on the heavy close range damage of Carronades or the Hwacha.

Details Edit


A sturdily-built warship with an imposing vertical silhouette, the Galleon was introduced by Yeshan shipbuilders as a sentinel to patrol the borders of the Empire and keep the peace. The design is now widely copied, and Galleons form the backbone of many a defensive fleet.

Although it is not as fast or nimble as some ships, the Galleon boasts a respectable complement of medium-sized weapons to assert its authority and makes a formidable opponent in battle.

  • Due to the distance between the Galleon's main firepower and its subsystems, it is usually smart to have two Engineers as well as a designated Gunner. One Engineer on the main deck, keeping the balloon, hull and main engine up and running. The other Engineer, equipped with Chemical Spray or Fire Extinguisher on the lower deck, keeping the weapons alive, as well as the two engines on the lower deck.
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Guns of Icarus Online - Galleon Introduction


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