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The engine is a component that can be found on every airship, functioning to keep the airship moving by generating thrust to propel it forward and to turn the ship to the sides. With the engines serving as the airship's only source of horizontal and angular mobility, they fill a key role in the airship's maneuverability.

Overview Edit

Light Engine

The light engine component.

Engines are divided into two types, heavy engines, and light engines. Every ship except the Squid possesses a heavy engine. For all ships except the Shrike the heavy engine is positioned in line with the airship's center of mass - making it only affect the horizontal mobility of the airship and the light engines are positioned out of line with the center of mass of the ship - making them contribute torque to the airship - affecting both the horizontal and the angular mobility of the airship (i.e. turning). For the Shrike the normal positioning of the engines is reversed (heavy engines positioned out of line with the center of mass and the light engine positioned in line with the center of mass).

A Pyramidion's Light Engine, showing the engine health and repair indicator.

As for the HP of the engines, heavy engines have 525 and light engines have 300 HP. Engines are especially vulnerable to Shatter damage type.

Additionally all helm tools that increase engines' thrust and the Tar Barrel damage the engines over time.

Indicators and Effects Edit


The throttle controlling engines thrust.

In addition to the distinction of the unique properties that separate light engines from heavy engines, it is important to note that the engine's HP value is also a factor in the amount of thrust the engines generate to propel the ships. The thrust an engine is generating will be determined by a multiplier similar to the engine's health percentage. Therefore, an engine with 100% HP will generate 100% of it's base thrust, and an engine with 25% HP will generate 25% of it's base thrust.

As the engine gets destroyed, it emits a blue glow similar to other components being destroyed. When an engine is destroyed it will no longer generate thrust.

The pilot can control the amount, and direction of thrust generated by changing the throttle state. Increasing to each level beyond the 'off' state will grant 25% more thrust than before, and decreasing from the off state will grant -12.5% more thrust than before.

With the levels from bottom to top generating thrust in the following order: -50%, -37.5%, -25%, -12.5%, 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. Note that while flying backwards, you generate 50% less total thrust making it 50% slower than flying forward.

In order to turn, the engines on the side you wish to turn towards generate thrust backwards, while the opposite side's engines generate thrust forward, thus turning the ship.

External Buffs Edit

Engines' thrust can be increased by helm tools like Kerosene, Moonshine and Phoenix Claw or Pilot Stamina.

The Dynabuff Industries Kit can be used to increases thrust by 25%. It stacks additively to thrust changing effects coming from helm tools.

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