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Desert Scrap Specs
Arashi League vs. Order of Chaladon
Map Statistics
Type: King of the Hill
Point Limit: 450 points
Points per Kill: 13 points/kill
Time to Capture*: 15 seconds
Size: 5000m×5000m
Wind Strength: no wind
Modes: 3v3
Related Map: Battle on the Dunes
Additional Info

Sandstorms around the point move to East direction.

*Time to fully capture/uncapture point with a single ship. Each additional (allied) ship increases capture rate by 50%.
Scrap map
A relic from the Great War, exhumed and retrofitted by Sylkan engineers, the Juggernaut was supposed to crush the Nalmese occupiers and end the Nalm-Sylka war once and for all. It proved somewhat less decisive than Sylka intended, and its wreckage lies half-buried in the sand to mark the battlefield of a war that continues to this day. During rare lulls in fighting, scrap-pickers and treasure-seekers approach the wreck in search of recoverable salvage. Chaladonian scientists propose to recover and study the prewar tech to learn something of benefit to humanity. Experienced Arashi scavengers, not likely to miss a salvage opportunity, aim simply to dismantle the wreck and strip it for parts.

Lusse's Travels


Type: King of the HillEdit

King of the Hill focuses on a single objective at the center of the map.  Teams fight for control of the hill scoring point at a regular interval while they control it.  A team wins once their score reaches the limit.


  • Capture the point area with radius 180 meters inside wreck.
  • Hold it until you reach the score limit of 450
  • Capture and decapture time is 15 seconds[1]


3 vs 3 only



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