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Clash at Blackcliff Specs
Map Statistics
Type: Deathmatch
Size: 3500m×4500m
Wind Strength: no wind
Modes: 2v23v3
Related Map: Raid on the Refinery
Even after contesting the control for Blackcliff Metal Works, there are always reinforcements arriving to put up a final fight. An already tired day turns to an even longer one as necessary cleanup transpires. Those who quaffed moonshine in premature celebration are those in for trouble.



Bugs Edit

This section contains bugs related to Clash at Blackcliff. Before adding a bug to this list, confirm it with other editors on the talk page.

  • Shooting an Artemis Light Rocket Launcher on this map with a good graphics card and height video settings results in a huge white smoke effect as shooting animation what makes aiming very difficult. Disabling "post processing effects" in the video settings improves the shooting experience a lot.

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