Weapons ‣ Kill Weapons

Kill weapons are generally considered to be weapons with high Explosive DPS stat, making them ideal for finishing off a ship with its armor down.

Fires starting ability is depreciated. Fire chance is controlled via its own data stat per weapon independent of damage type.

Due to its Explosive damage type, all kill weapons are also Fire-Starting Weapons.

Ignition Chances Edit

Ignition chance on direct or AoE hit causes 1 fire stack on the component.

Additionally some weapons have manual ignite values and chances that override Explosive damage ignition if hold true. For example the Typhon Heavy Flak Cannon has a 20% chance to ignite 4 stacks on AoE hit. If that condition is not met there is a chance to apply 1 stack of fire on AoE hit instead.

It is important to note that the raw damage can be modified by buff and ammo type modifiers to influence the ignition chance further.