The airship is the fighting force in Guns of Icarus Online.   


The airship is an air vehic
Guns of Icarus promotional artwork

A ship flying through Canyon Ambush

le which uses propeller engines for locomotion and a balloon filled with lighter-than-air gasses to provide buoyancy. Experimentation in airships hit its peak around World War I; consequentially, in the world of Guns of Icarus, these airships are the primary form of transportation and pivotal to commerce, as well as the backbone of gameplay in Guns of Icarus Online. In reality, airships still exist in small numbers; however, because they require a comparatively large amount of fuel to lift even relatively lightweight cargo, they have mostly been abandoned for shipping purposes in favor of airplanes, and are typically used as an advertising novelty.

Types of Airships

Currently there are 13 flyable types of airships in Guns of Icarus Online, and all of them available both in PVP and PvE mode.

Ship Type Armor Hull Health Balloon Health Light Weapons Heavy Weapons Longitudinal Speed, (m/s) Longitudinal Acceleration, (m/s²) Turn Speed, (deg/s) Turn Acceleration,(deg/s²) Vertical Speed, (m/s) Vertical Acceleration, (m/s²) Thrust, (N) Lift Force, (N) Mass, (t) Hull Profile Area, (m²) Balloon Profile Area, (m²)
Goldfish 400 1100 1200 2 1 42.00 3.60 13.99 12.99 16.99 3.25 525,000 487,500 150 680 969
Junker 700 500 1200 5 0 30 4.30 16.18 15.24 14.00 5.5 537,500 375,000 125 350 988
Squid 330 450 1200 3 0 47.00 8.00 22.00 19.99 17.00 4.00 760,000 380,000 95 448 672
Galleon 820 1500 1200 2 4 36 3.2 8 6 17.01 2.25 672,001 720,000 320 900 1568
Spire 400 950 1200 3 1 28.01 4.50 12.08 15.06 17.00 3.75 675,000 562,500 150 1377 992
Pyramidion 650 700 1200 4 0 32 3.5 11.05 8 17.03 2.75 675,100 825,000 200 352 459
Mobula 600 700 1200 5 0 28 4 14.02 3.50 15 7 420,000 570,000 120 900 1568
Shrike 425 650 1200 2 2 40.00 10.00 15.00 7.50 17.00 2.50 764,000 395,000 75 N/A N/A
Magnate 620 1100 1200 4 2 34.00 5.0 15.0 4.0 16.01 3.0 537500 375000 200 N/A N/A
Judgement 700 1000 1200 3 2 28.01 3.00 16.00 4.50 17.01 3.00 1,280,000 960,000 320 N/A N/A
Stormbreaker 420 400 1200 3 1 32 9.5 16 6.51 16 3 2,780,000 600,000 95 N/A N/A
Corsair 650 1200 1200 3 3 30 8. 10 9 15.00 4.00 4,020,000 2,000,000 250 N/A N/A
Crusader 650 550 1200 4 2 32.00 4.00 12.5 7.00 17.03 2.75 1,300,000 2,250,000 180 N/A N/A


The goldfish is a medium-sized, well-rounded airship bearing a heavy weapon, placed at its front. An additional 2 light weapon mountings are present on either side of the craft. Goldfish have the one of the strongest hulls found on airships, which coupled with their well-rounded movement stats makes them a popular choice for many players. Due to their low armor, however, a Goldfish can be destroyed under heavy focused fire.


A utilitarian airship featuring a modest lower deck and 5 light weapon mountings: 2 on the top sides, 2 on the lower deck sides, and 1 on the front. Junkers are well-armored and allow for versatile and diverse weapon arrangements, but has a fragile hull.


A small, lightweight craft with an asymmetrical deck design and the helm on the left-hand side, with 3 light weapon mountings at the front, rear, and right of the hull. Squid airships have very light armor and low hull health, along with high speed and exceptional maneuverability, a combination of their light weight and four engines, more than any other ship in the game.


The galleon is one of the largest airship playable in Guns of Icarus with a 3 deck hull and 6 gun mountings: 4 heavy weapon mountings on the lower deck with 2 facing left and 2 facing right, and 2 light weapon mountings, one placed on the middle deck facing left, and the other on the upper deck facing the rear. Galleons are not agile, but very durable, and can unleash powerful attacks from their broadsides.


The Spire (earlier known as the Tower) is a medium sized ship with 3 decks. The decks are connected through a spiralling ramp on the outside of the hull, as well as a ladder along the structural spine. The Spire has average forward speed, but incredible turning speed and good vertical movement. Due to its large profile and exposed components however, this ship cannot withstand sustained concentrated fire. However, the 4 forward facing weapon mounts (3 light and 1 heavy) mean the attacker might be dead before they know it.


An airship bearing distinct balloon armor shaped in the style of a naval ram. Pyramidions have 4 light weapon mountings: 2 on the front, and 2 on the left-hand side. Pyramidions have a good speed, but a comparatively slow turning speed, as well as poor vertical movement.


This airship is very unique in its design. It is somewhat slow to turn and has a low airspeed, but is quite fast when rising and lowering due to its unique bottom-mounted balloon and 2 large, down-facing propellers at the front of the ship. It is very wide and possesses 5 light guns which all face forward, making it extremely formidable in a head on fight, but vulnerable to surprise rear attacks. Due to the position of the hull and balloon repair points buried on opposite sides of the ship, it is nigh impossible for a lone engineer to keep this ship in good repair. However with 2 engineers tasked with one side of the ship each, jumping on the side guns when possible, this ship has excellent potential in the hands of a skilled pilot.


The shrike is a relatively small fast craft with respectable fire power. It uses its two heavy engines to quickly close distance and unleash its devastating broadsides. However it lacks both turning and vertical mobility, making it easy prey to ships that can outmaneuver it. Its broadsides consist of one heavy and one light weapon allowing for many effective gun combinations. The Shrike's low armor and hull in addition to its compact design makes it vulnerable to focus fire.


The Icarus, Gabriel's ship from the single player only game 'Flight of the Icarus' (formally known as 'Guns of Icarus Classic'), has yet to appear in Guns of Icarus Online.

Parts of an Airship



The Helm of a Pyramidion.

Designated by a steering wheel icon, the Helm of an airship serves as the controls for the craft; consequentially, the aircraft may only be controlled by the player at the helm, and by extension most helm tools may only be used while controlling the airship. The Helm of an airship is the only part that cannot be damaged or broken by enemy fire.

Weapon Mount

Designated by a cannon icon, an airship's Weapon Mounts are where the Weapons are placed and by extension where the crewmen take control of them. Currently, there are two types of weapon mounts- light weapon mounts and heavy weapon mounts. These in turn determine the variety of weapons that may be placed at that location while editing the ship layout. If a weapon mount breaks, that weapon cannot be used until it is rebuilt.


Marked by a propeller icon, the engines provide mobility for the airship. Engines come in 2 varieties: Large thrust engines that provide forward or backward propulsion, and smaller maneuvering engines that allow the craft to turn. Consequentially, when a thrust engine is broken the aircraft cannot accelerate ahead or astern until the engine is rebuilt, and the loss of a maneuvering engine will either disable the aircraft from turning or force it into a slow, lopsided spin. Most airships have one thrust engine and two maneuvering engines, but the Squid uniquely has two of each.


Marked by a zeppelin icon, the Balloon allows the airship to stay in the air. While functioning, the balloon allows a captain to ascend or descend with the airship; if broken, the airship will be unable to ascend, and unless the balloon is rebuilt the craft will steadily decrease in altitude until it begins to scrape the ground, resulting in potentially-lethal hull damage.


Designated by a shield icon, the hull of the ship displays the ship's damage level and also serves as a repair point for the main body of the ship. Hull integrity is measured in two ways: A bar above the Hull repair point, designating armor, and a bar in the bottom right of the screen, designating the ship's health. Damage is applied to armor until it is entirely depleted and the hull component breaks; at this point, additional damage is applied directly to the ship's health until the armor is rebuilt. While the ship's armor can be restored with repair tools, damage to the ship's health cannot be mended by any means, and when the ship's health is depleted it is destroyed.



During WWI, the Airship was used extensively, and the airplane never really caught on. Airships that dwarf anything currently seen in Guns of Icarus were constructed, such as the massive wreck found on Battle on the Dunes, whose engine dwarfs a galleon. These advances, like most technology, was lost during the decline back into the dark ages.

Age of Dust

The secrets of airship technology mostly forgotten, the only airships are small craft, and the skies are full of pirates. Trade declined and many thought that the world was doomed.

Gabriel and the Icarus

Somehow, either from scratch or with salvaged materials, a man known as Gabriel managed to create an airship. The game Flight of the Icarus, which Guns of Icarus Online is a sequel to, is the story of his journey. He flies to various towns, selling cargo and trading, inspiring others to do the same. Then, at the end of the game, he decides to go on a last, final charge into the depths of the most pirate infested skies and never returns.

The Age of Air

As Gabriel's legend spread, so did airship technology. Though nothing comparable to the behemoths of old, or even the Icarus, new classes of airships have taken to the skies and have brought forth a new era of rebirth for trade. Now, the airship, the fighting force of this new age, has truly taken off, and the possibilities are just beginning to unfold.

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