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Barking Dog Light Carronade

Barking Dog Light Carronade Specs
Gun Statistics
Class: Carronade
Direct Damage: 96 Flechette (6 per projectile)
Burst Damage: 144 Shatter (9 per projectile)
Burst Radius: 0 meters
Effective Vs: Balloon, Guns, Engines
Rate of Fire: 1 bullet/s
Reload Time: 6 seconds
Magazine Size: 5
Projectile Speed: 600 m/s
Range: 325 meters
Shell Drop: 6 m/s²
Buckshots: 16 projectiles
Jitter: 5 deg
Spread at Max Range: 28 meters
Size: light
Movement and Arcs
Horizontal Angles: 55 deg Left; 55 deg Right
Vertical Angles: 30 deg Up; 15 deg Down
Horizontal Turn: 100 deg/s
Vertical Turn: 80 deg/s
Zoom Level: 1.3x
Fires a wide shotgun burst of shredding projectiles at close range.

Wilson's Notes

A single-barrelled version of the Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade, the Barking Dog Light Carronade fires as all Carronade type weapons a wide shotgun burst of shredding projectiles at close range in a fairly rapid succession before needing to reload. As with the larger version, it's highly effective against the balloon due to its Flechette damage type however, not particularly damaging against hull. Due to this weapon also dealing AoE shatter damage, it is also effective against weapons and engines. Heavy Clip concentrates the fire of this weapon by reducing the jitter, allowing all buckshots to hit at a more concentrated point in space.

Common Tactics Edit

The Barking Dog Light Carronade doesn't quite have the power as its big brother - the Heavy Carronade. It needs two clips to destroy a balloon with full health. With Heavy Clip loaded, it can snipe all Light Guns with one shot and Heavy Guns and engines with two shots.

The light carronade has a wide field of usage. It can be used as support gun (e.g. port side mount of Pyramidion) or as a main gun on Mobula, Junker or Pyramidions. It is a first class disable/harass short range light gun, and can be used aggressively by destroying balloons or defensively by destroying the enemy's guns. It pairs well with other disable and or armor stripping guns like the Dragon Tongue Light Flamethrower or the Artemis Light Rocket Launcher and the Whirlwind Light Gatling Gun. Those combinations are usually paired with a third Explosive gun or the Pilot rams the enemy into the ground (Pyramidion) to provide hull damage, due to the lack of explosive type in all of those combinations of guns.

The carronade's weakness is its poor down-arc. It also requires some practice to disable components, the lower projectile speed and existing shell drop makes sniping harder than with its big version the Heavy Carronade. However, still quite manageable.

Commonly Used Ammunition Edit

Heavy Clip Edit

  • The reduced jitter effect from Heavy Clip makes all buckshots hit closing together - achieving maximum damage at a smaller area. Strongly recommend for sniping of components.
  • Decreased rate of fire.

Greased Rounds Edit

  • Maximized DPS.
  • Reduced maximum range to 260 meters.
  • Clip sized increased to 6 shots.

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